A program of self-discovery and job market exploration leading to your next career move

Discover the Real You

VOCA's innovative process uses three assessments to provide you with an objective view of how you are made.  Unlike other programs that leave you to do a lot of guessing, we give you solid data upon which to build your future. We're confident that God's plan for your work is built on the talents and abilities he's entrusted to you.

Discover Real Opportunity

Your vocational calling happens in the real world.  VOCA's CDP equips you to embark on a journey of discovery where you learn how to learn what's really possible for you and your career aspirations.  In a world where the job market is constantly changing, you'll leave the CDP with this vital skill. 

Results You Can Count On

  • 94% of VOCA's CDP clients finish the program with confidence-building clarity regarding their abilities.
  • 74% report a renewed sense of hope for their career path.
  • 91% report finishing with a clear strategy for moving forward.

Honor Your Spiritual Roots

A significant part of your spiritual journey involves discovering and completing the work God has made you to do.  The setting and industry of that work can change at various seasons in our lives. The CDP weaves in spiritual practices and biblical principles to ground your work-discernment process in your faith.

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