Tired of being Stressed Out At Work?

Come to VOCA's DE stress WORKSHOP

We all have challenges and demands in our work.  But when your response shifts from strain, to stress, you can't win.  Stress makes work miserable, it ruins performance, and it spills over into the rest of our lives.

At VOCA we know that stress is one of the top issues you face at work and we also know there's a way out.  

The DE stress WORKSHOP will provide you with the essential steps to stop drowning at work and start winning:

Step 1:  Understand what stress is and where it comes from.

Step 2:  Prepare to handle stress based on your personal stress profile.

Step 3:  Implement a customized plan to outrun stress and be your best.

All  DE stress WORKSHOP participants receive the following:  

1.  5 hours of professional training

2.  A personal stress profile from Myers-Briggs

3.  A step-by-step guide to help you craft your personalized de-stress plan

4.  Group and one-on-one feedback on your de-stress plan.

5.  A light dinner at the beginning of each session 

Coaching:  DE stress WORKSHOP participants receive a special offer on two follow up coaching sessions.  Executive coaching is proven to make professional change last.  

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The DE stress WORKSHOP is held in two sessions, May 28 and June 4 from 5:45 to 8:30 each evening, space is limited.  Stop drowning in work stress and start winning: register today.

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