Will College be Worth it for Your Student?

LaunchPad is for current and aspiring college students.

Will college be worth it for your kids?

 You want the best for your kids!  Like most of us, you assume "best" includes getting them a quality college education.  Yet you also wonder, "will it work?"  Will they graduate on time, with marketable skills, leading towards a career they enjoy?  Or will they end up a thirty year old,  with an expensive degree, asking to sleep on your couch! 

LaunchPad delivers the expert assessment and career coaching your students need to thrive in college

Great Investment or Expensive Experiment?

College Can Be Great: College can provide the learning skills, expertise, career exposure, and professional connections for an engaging and meaningful career.  College Can be an Expensive Experiment:  But with the average student changing majors at least three times and with the average time to complete college  at just below six years, college is becoming an expensive experiment that lacks a clear benefit for many.

Launchpad Delivers

Whether they are currently underclassman in college or wrestling with what is next after high-school, LaunchPad delivers what your student needs to succeed:

  1. Clear understanding of  talents through a rigorous assessment of their underlying abilities
  2. Space to explore talent-driven career options  through a four- hour workshop that links talent to college majors
  3. Parental connection through a one-hour debrief that includes highlights, next steps, and your student's summary of take aways
  4. Expert advice on crafting a plan through two sessions with certified professional coaches 

Compared to the alternatives, LaunchPad is a tremendous value.

LaunchPad provides the secrets for getting the most out of college...

  • For just slightly more than the average cost of a credit hour ($600)
  • For much less than the cost of an extra year of school ($20,000-$75,000)
  • And infinitely less than having your son or daughter spend the next forty years of their working life in a job that sucks the life out of them every day

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Faculty with Expertise and REal-World EXPERIENCE



As a Career Coach,  Chip has helped hundreds of students and adults find clarity around their vocational path and calling. He currently in the president of VOCA Center in New York City, a non-profit agency designed to help people thrive at work.  He is certified as an Executive Coach through Columbia University.



Christine is a certified coach with a passion to support individuals in their personal and professional endeavors. Christine specializes in helping people to find their dream jobs and those facing challenges with career transitions. She has a BA from UC Santa Cruz and an MPA from University of Southern California.



Ken is a certified coach, founded a creative agency, and loves helping the next generation of leaders reach their potential. He has a master’s degree in computer music composition from Peabody Conservatory (Johns Hopkins University) and is a former professor of music and Great Books (Torrey Honors Institute) at Biola University in Los Angeles. His life goal is to be the most creative guy you know.