Connect Your Ministry to the World Your people Work in


The Challenge

  • TIME: The people in your church spend  5 to 10 times more hours  at work than they do in congregational light
  • ANXIETY: There sense of well being and capacity is directly related to how work is going
  • CALLING: The Work place is the primary place where God wants to use them and shape them


The Possibility

  • ALL CALLED: What if the people you shepherd viewed their calling to follow Christ as keenly as you viewed yours?
  • BEYOND THE WALLS: What would it be like to imagine the reach of your ministry extended to every workplace represented in your church?
  • TOGETHER:  What if through a greater understanding of their world, your people more enthusiastically engaged in your world at church?


VOCA Equips you to make the Sunday to Monday Connection

  • BEST PRACTICES: We provide you with exclusive learning and development opportunities to deepen the workplace impact of your ministry.
  • CONTENT: We provide real-work-world tested teaching and workshops to augment your equipping efforts.
  • TRAINING: We provide you and your staff team insight, coaching, and training, to produce whole-life disciples.

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Two Minutes  on Connecting Sunday to Monday, the Most Strategic Thing You Do

Partnering with Made to Flourish

Connect with a National Network of Pastors who connect Sunday to Monday

Made to Flourish (MTF) is a national network of pastors learning to equip their people for life at work.  

VOCA is honored to partner with MTF in New York.  

Join the network here and tap into the resources and community that will help you connect your ministry to workplace reality. 


Dr. Chip on Four Faith/work related shifts that increase pastoral impact.